Hearing protection, not the typical fair.


I have a sensitivity to loud sharp noises more than most because I have tinnitus so I wear ear plugs but that gets boring and instead I wear headphones along with my ipod but there’s a problem in that I can’t wear the regular ipod style of headphones as they are round and my ears like most are not shaped like that.  A while back I came across JVC marshmellow in ear headphones for $19 at walmart and decided to give them a try as I needed a replacement pair of headphones after the overpriced ipod ones came apart.

The first thing I noticed was that much of the ambient noise around me was gone just as you would find with regular foam ear plugs so that was a plus but then turning on my ipod I was impressed with the quality of the sound coming from the tiny speaker inside the ear piece and these are definitely smaller than the typical headphone speaker.  Across the board the ranges are good and I have no complaints finding the sound level to be comfortable and enjoyable whether working under a bank of high output fans or working in a construction environment with 35 other people welding and hammering and sawing metal.  My only complain about the marshmellows was the construction which was flimsy at best and required my having to add a dab of super glue where the wire goes into the body of the headphone as the manufacturer secured the line inside the body with a simple single knot.  This knot would move causing a ticking sound that became annoying fast so I added the dab of glue but later encountered the problem of the acid in the glue eating the rubber casing and eventually breaking the wire on one side 4 months after I bouht them so it was time for a new pair.  My next pair lasted 6 months and died by way of a broken wire inside the casing so again it was time for a new pair.

So the day the second pair broke I decided to look for something different but was met with higher prices and having a limited budget I was left with getting the same model when I noticed that JVC had changed the design completely and kept the same price.  The new design incorporates an ergonomic body effectively making the body fit better and become an added shield blocking out even more noise than the previous design.  Another change was the addition of a quarter inch length rubber sleeve for the wires and what seems to be no more knotted line inside the body which could lend to broken wires.    The airport is also moved to the bottom of the body allowing for less potential for blockage which would reduce sound levels from the speaker.  JVC also added an adjustable grommet though its not very secure so for anything other than reading or walking its hit or miss if it works.  Sound levels are also somewhat improved over the original design as well with only a momentary break in it seems for the bass though it could have been the song that was playing on my ipod at the time.

I wear my JVC headphones when I’m stocking at work and when I’m welding in school and it has been a great hearing protection, the nice thing about them is that it doesn’t block all sound so you can hear when someone is talking to you or when equipment is moving near by and machinery is running.  The headphones block just enough noise to make you comfortable but still safe so long as you don’t crank up the sound level to where your just being stupid.



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