Lets talk about pride in workmanship


Recently I had satellite tv installed at my home ( dish network for those interested ) and blindly trusting that the installer who had been with the company for 3 years knew what he was doing I opted to relax inside the house as I hadn’t slept in 24 hours.  After 6 hours of delays and having to get spare parts and waiting on help he had the system installed and out the door at 10pm on a job that should have taken no more than 2 hours tops and I know this because I installed for dish network for 6 years.  Two weeks pass and I finally get the time to go out and take a look at his work and find a rather nasty steaming pile of shit for workmanship and quality along with some damage to the house…to say the least I was not happy so I went and got the camera and after taking some pics I made a phone call to dish network about the problem.

To shorten the rest of the story I am currently waiting on a manager to come out and take a look and get the system put in right, while I can fix it all on my own I wont be going that route as I am a customer and I should not have to do that and have a reasonable expectation that it should have been done right to begin with by a qualified and trained professional.   The same quality of workmanship that I exercised while installing satellite television is what I am bringing to welding and when I installed satellite television I did a damned good job of making my work look spotless and clean.  I would go to the length of hiding cables where it could be hidden without causing any damage and leave no more than 5 feet of cable showing between the dish and the grounding / wall penetration and secured properly through the home.  The dish was always placed to where it would not be an eyesore unless there was no other option and only after the customer approved and never was a cable brought through a wall without having a wall plate installed.

If you can look at your weld or whatever work you do and actually feel proud of what you have done and confident that you’ve done good work then feel good about it but if you can look at your work and it looks like crap and wouldn’t hold the weight of a poodle then you need to fix what your doing or get a new job and fix your attitude  because crappy work will not keep you in work for long and can get someone hurt or killed.


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