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I have a sensitivity to loud sharp noises more than most because I have tinnitus so I wear ear plugs but that gets boring and instead I wear headphones along with my ipod but there’s a problem in that I can’t wear the regular ipod style of headphones as they are round and my ears […]

With the economy being as bad as it is in most of the country it is surprising to find a welding materials supplier that takes upwards of two weeks to get materials to a customer when the weekly bill tends to be $2,000 – $3,500 a pop but that seems to be the case with […]

Recently I had satellite tv installed at my home ( dish network for those interested ) and blindly trusting that the installer who had been with the company for 3 years knew what he was doing I opted to relax inside the house as I hadn’t slept in 24 hours.  After 6 hours of delays […]