Doing it wrong or is it right.


When I started welding school back in September I started out with stick welding basics and one of the things I had heard I believe in a book was that right handed welders go from right to left so that’s what I had been doing with stick and mig and tig for the last 6 months no problem.  Well when I started the advanced stick mod for structural welding I went to do the horizontal weld on a 3/8 plate with a backing strap and a 70 degree total bevel and I just could not get the bead to lay right and be consistent or anything and it was bad enough to look like I had just run my first bead ever.  This went on for three days until I found myself angry enough that I ran a bead from left to right and I’ll be damned if it didn’t go considerably smoother so I did the rest of the plate that way and it turned out pretty good.

So I went to my instructor ( by now you know what he will have said based on my previous post ) telling him of what I had found and all he could do was look at his right hand and do a straight line right to left then left to right and shrug at which point I started to wonder why I was going in debt to this school and why he was the head of the welding department so I turned around and left and went back to working on a new plate.  Later I posted a question about this on a forum I frequent to learn more about welding and I got some deer caught in the headlight responses and total confusion as well because apparently I was doing something wrong with one statement being that I was messing with body mechanics.

Either way I’ve changed several aspects of how I weld stick and I think it may change with mig and tig, as to what has caused it I can speculate but thats about it.


One Response to “Doing it wrong or is it right.”

  1. After the discovery of the electric arc in 1800 by Humphry Davy there was little development in electrical welding until Nikolay Benardos developed carbon arc welding, obtaining patents in the 1880s showing a rudimentary electrode holder.

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