Ok so I havent posted much


I haven’t posted much mostly because I am not as adept at juggling a full time job plus school full time plus a family on top of taking care of my father’s house.  Now as far as welding go’s its a mixed bag of results with my doing well with flux core mig and regular mig and tig but stick is still a bit rough on the vertical up work and overhead is still new to me.  What I’m lacking experience in through school is aluminum welding and right now it would be good to have this experience so that I can get out of working for walmart sooner but walmart is another story.

Last week we had a tour of  Liebherr’s North American facility ( the only one in the US ) http://www.liebherr.us/us-me/en/products_us-me.asp?menuID=106335!2044-0 and I was impressed at how clean and orderly the factory is but a little bothered by the lack of a work force so its obvious that even though the company is hiring that the economy is not improving as well as anyone would like but it is good news that they are hiring and orders are up by 12 vehicles for this year.  Job wise I have about three dozen local companies to choose from in a variety of welding disciplines to choose from but I will have to narrow the field to acceptable pay and acceptable benefits.  Another company we will be touring soon is Northrup Grumman and hopefully BAE systems both of which are also good companies that pay well and have good benefits but the working conditions are not as nice or clean as Liebherr’s.

I think that ideally I would like to get into a job / career doing tig work because I really like the greater degree of control over what can be found with mig and stick and believe me stick is hard with a fresh rod.  The biggest problem with tig though is it tends to be a bike or car shop type of job and those never pay very well unless you own and then its a feat or famine type of deal and I just don’t want to have that or deal with the tax issues of owning my own business.


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