If your an avatar nerd


If your an avatar nerd that’s fine, I liked the movie myself despite the poor story line and under developed characters and Weaver’s avatar looking just a bit to young for her actual age or the marine commander who makes Arnold look like Einstein but I have a problem with those of you who are having mental melt downs over the fact that Pandora is not real.  What the hell is wrong with you that you’re getting all depressed over that you can’t travel to a fictional computer generated planet that depicts the extremes of beauty and destruction?  If you want that you can find it here on planet earth in places like Madagascar and many places in the Asian pacific rim.  You can find it in central and south America and in other places along the Mediterranean as well as from Malaysia westward.  There may not be a bunch of glowing plants but there are still a great deal of beautiful plant and animal life that you can’t see at the local zoo or botanical gardens so if you want to go somewhere beautiful and touched little by man then get out some geography books and start looking around but until then get your shit together and grow up already, your just as bad as the twilight dorks who are no better than the emo queers.


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