New year and back to school


Monday I went back to school and tackled tig head on running into the same problem that I had prior to winter vacation which was difficulty in getting a bead to form on a T joint.  My hands were a bit shaky which I resolved by getting a snack but I still had problems with the bead forming even with the tungsten a hair from the weldmont.  So after two days of this I got the instructor involved and proceeded to watch him contaminate the tungsten repeatedly and adjust the amperage up as much as 50 amps to get the bead to form on 16guage steel sheet.   Both my instructor and another agreed that there was something wrong with the machine so the next day that I came back I swapped out the pedal by way of advice from several members of a forum site for welding that I go to for advice and tips.

After replacing the pedal I was able to get an adjustable arc strength and a better heat range and finally a quickly forming bead which allowed me to create decent looking  T  joints in the flat / horizontal / vertical up positions and move on to over head and then to butt joint for bend testing.  So its always good to know your machine which I am still learning the operations of the miller xmt 350 CC/CV, its also good to get advice from other experienced welders and always try to put pictures with your questions and give the best details possible.


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